Private Consultations on Baby Care and Sleep as well as Child Behavior and Sleep Concerns

These are Private Consultations to Address YOUR: Baby and Child Sleep and Behavior Concerns

Many parents simply need an opportunity to talk through the specific issues they are experiencing in their family. Which is why Dr. Mary offers one-on-one, hour-long consultations via phone and Zoom.  If you wish to schedule a consultation you can expect:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • To be listened to with compassion and respect
  • Effective, research-based, yet practical strategies that address your family’s specific needs.
  • A written action plan designed to work for YOUR family.

Sleep Consultations:

If you are looking for an effective, no cry sleep solution you’ve come to the right person. Dr. Mary's approach is a Gentle Nudge that calms the arousal system, sets the body clock, and allows everyone to get the sleep they need. No one is left in tears.

A good night’s sleep begins in the morning – not at bedtime. You can expect:

  • Strategies to set the body clock so your baby/child’s brain knows when to sleep.
  • How to recognize and respond to subtle sleep cues so that you hit the window for sleep.
  • Explanations of why many commonly recommended strategies do not work for highly sensitive intense children.
  • Peaceful, calming tools to help your child “shut down,” for sleep.
  • Step-by-step actions to gently strengthen your child’s self-regulation and sleep consolidation skills, as well as reduce sleep anxiety, without ever pushing anyone to a point of distress.
  • How to get the sleep YOU need and deserve and still meet the needs of your child. 

Behavior Consultations

Whether your concerns are about morning and bedtime battles, a child not listening, defiance, anger, aggression, arguing, school, childcare, eating, power struggles, tantrums,  or sibling issues, just to name a few common topics, Dr. Mary will dig deep to identify the true fuel sources behind the challenging behaviors. You can expect:

  • Assistance identifying the real feelings and needs that are fueling challenging behaviors.
  • Effective, research-based strategies to prevent challenging behaviors from ever occurring.
  • Strategies to teach children more effective and respectful ways to express strong emotions.
  • Suggestions to help you keep your cool and plan for success.

Thousands of parents just like you have found one-on-one consultations with Dr. Mary to be exactly what they needed to make life better – much better!

If a private behavioral or sleep related consultation is of interest to you complete our contact form or call us:

Contact Us  or call: 651-452-4771

We will contact you to answer your questions and schedule an appointment.

"Many families simply need an opportunity to talk through
the issues they are experiencing on an individual basis."

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Personal Consultations with Mary Sheedy Kircinka

What They're Saying

"In just one hour on the phone, we were able to gain an entirely new perspective on the issues we were having. You gave us real tools and ideas that we could apply immediately."  -Jason

"Thank you for teaching, educating and empowering parents to meet their children's needs. You have probably helped change the course of our son's life."  -Heidi

"It has been a week since I spoke to you over the phone, and there already has been a HUGE change in our family."  -Deidre

"We can't thank you enough for your unbelievable gift of wisdom about life and children."  -Jennifer

"I appreciate your listening, support, advice, ideas and professionalism!"  -Kristin

"We've been working together on her sleep issues and I am happy to say we have been effective. Right now, my daughter is able to fall asleep by herself."  -Beatrice

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your suggestions. We are getting them more sleep and they wake up on their own now, get dressed right away and go straight to the table for what we call 'family time." -Laura

"My son's sleep has been fantastic since your consultation."  -Anna

"I am so so glad I had this session with you! I have many more tools now that I can work with! This session with you far exceeded my expectations - thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your summary and handout are very professional and helpful." -Annette

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